How Intogreat delivered offshoring success to AB Phillips

Published March 28, 2019

AB Phillips is a risk, insurance & financial services business based in Melbourne, Victoria.


AB Phillips is in a period of rapid growth. Their local resources were struggling to keep up with the needs of the business. A number of locally based new roles had been created, however it was proving very difficult to recruit, train and maintain reliable staff.

The collaboration

In 2018, Intogreat was approached by AB Phillips to help them deliver cost savings and greater business efficiencies. At the time of our collaboration, AB Phillips had a locally based team of 100+ staff servicing the insurance, financial services and risk management needs of 10,000+ businesses and individuals within Australia. Shown here is how Intogreat worked with AB Phillips to deliver successful offshore solutions.

The solution

• Completed a detailed process analysis and identified 20 offshoring roles with a potential saving of <$1M
• Trained teams on how to manage & optimise offshore teams (Australia and Philippines Cultural Awareness) resulting in Customer Net Promoter Score of > 90%
• Managed project & led implementation of 20 positions across 7 capabilities with minimum interruption to the day to day operation of the business
• Designed & implemented a secure IT environment offshore that enables staff to work securely
• Created training plans & performance measurement to ensure quality work by offshore team

• Provided a dedicated Intogreat contact for easy reporting & issue management
• Employee engagement and development training programs in place resulting in staff Net Promoter Score of >80%
• Productivity & performance reporting designed and implemented to focus on high performance
• Provided a highly skilled Team Manager to ensure transparency, escalations and a single point of contact for onshore management

• Documented all processes and procedures for offshored roles resulting in a streamlined process with increased efficiency
• Designed & implemented a new knowledge management platform resulting in a consistent customer experience locally and offshore
• Re-designed processes and procedures with AB Phillips management resulting in improved efficiencies and reduced error rates


The results

AB Phillips currently employ 20 offshore staff across 7 business functions:
• 1 Insurance Stream Lead
• 10 Processing Staff
• 1 Claims Administrator
• 1 Business Analyst
• 1 Data Processing Analyst
• 1 Data Analyst
• 1 Tax Accountant
• 1 Bookkeeper
• 1 Web Developer
• 1 ASP.NET developer
• 1 Tax Compliance Accountant

AB Phillips Team

• Improved operational efficiencies for all onshore staff
• Streamlined processes for processing staff with reduction in errors
• Increased time for Account Managers (onshore) to focus on new business development, referrals and additional roles
• Implementation of SupportPoint as the knowledge management platform for the business
• Development of productivity and performance reporting
• Development of quality management framework
**This growth is expected to continue and develop further into 2019/20 FY.

AB Phillips conducted detailed analysis of their insurance processing costs on Sunrise including declaration, downloads, requotes, invoicing and other administrative tasks.
With the implementation of an offshore team, AB Phillips were able to make the following specific savings:


AB Phillips now have 20 staff in Manilla with a bottomline saving to the business of approximately $50k per staff member ($900k).Whilst it is important to note that this is a significant reduction in cost to the business each year, there are also additional benefits in relation to people related challenges including reduced costs for recruitment, training of new people and lost productivity.

Account Managers and brokers are also able to focus more on clients and business development. These benefits will be experienced long term for businesses that implement offshore solutions.

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