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Published February 18, 2020

Gild group logoGild is an Australian-owned financial services firm specializing in the creative, sporting and hospitality industries.

The Gild group provides a range of services including bookkeeping, outsourced CFO, tax compliance & financial planning.


How we helped Gild

The Gild Group is not new to outsourcing or offshoring. Gild Accounting had been working through various offshoring strategies since 2014 and while they had established a base, they were keen to elevate the model to the next level and deliver greater productivity and performance from their offshore team.

In July 2018, Gild engaged Intogreat’s services by offshoring 2 people for an admin role and a tax accounting role to test the capability of the Philippine market.

What problems did we solve for Gild?

Mapping & documentation of Gild’s processes and procedures

Identifying process improvements

Secured Gild’s IP

Promoted a “continuous improvement” culture within their team

From 2, the Gild offshore team at Intogreat have now grown into a team of 12 in 20 months, supporting Gild’s growing portfolio in tax, accounts management and bookkeeping.

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About Intogreat

Intogreat Solutions is an Australian-owned offshoring and consulting company. We work in partnership with our clients to integrate offshoring resources within their business.

We have established superior facilities in Manila, Philippines with experienced and dedicated staff that understand the challenges and requirements of business.

Successful offshoring improves your profitability, increases efficiency while allowing you to continue to provide excellent services and turnaround times to your clients.

Intogreat Framework

This framework ensures success for offshoring your business practices and has been further developed into 3 key operational phases –

  • business preparation services
  • people services
  • continuous improvement services 

Our approach

We work closely with your offshore staff to educate them on how to optimise productivity and performance to ensure long-term tenure.

Business solutions we have provided


✓ Offshored 2 roles (Tax Accountant, Admin Support) initially and have since hired 10 more people for expansion and capability

✓ Implemented “New Ways Of Working” for the team and cultural training to ensure an effective operating rhythm and communications between offshore and onshore, resulting in Customer Net Promoter Score of > 90%

✓ Designed & implemented a secure IT environment for offshore staff to work securely

✓ Training plans & performance measurement to ensure quality work by offshore team

✓ Completed a detailed process analysis and identified improvement opportunities



✓ Provided a dedicated Intogreat Team Manager for easy reporting & issue management who is an Accounting expert

✓ Employee engagement and development training programs are in place for every staff member resulting in staff Net Promoter Score of >80%

✓ Productivity & performance reporting designed and implemented to focus on high performance

✓ Provided Xero certification training and ReceiptBank training to all staff to ensure that they have the knowledge and skills to do their work



✓ Documented all processes for offshored roles, resulting in a streamlined process with increased efficiency

✓ Designed & implemented a new knowledge management platform resulting in consistent customer experience locally and offshore

✓ Conducted business improvement training among offshore staff to instill “continuous improvement” values

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