Helping Guild Achieve Offshoring Success


About Guild

Guild Group Holdings (GGH) had an ambitious strategy to expand into select new markets and grow its customer base by delivering an exceptional customer experience.
Guild Group Holdings

Across all lines of business, GGH was facing significant external pressures due to increased competition, market corporatisation and knowledge commoditisation, proliferation of technology and digital enhancements, regulatory changes and market innovation.

GGH was also facing internal people challenges from the resource constraints commonly experienced by mid-sized entities, with wide and deep capability requirements that needed to be addressed.


GGHy - Business Requirements

✓ Deliver >$800K of net benefit per annum including delivery of 3 new roles
✓ Offshore 30 roles consisting of 13 different role types
✓ Complete the project in less than 12 months
✓ Improve the efficiency & effectiveness of the group
✓ Increase capability in offshored roles
✓ Build a knowledge management repository, document and store position roles and responsibilities
✓ Present and obtain approval of plan from Board
✓ Notify and obtain approval from APRA

GGH Case Study - Challenges

✓ Minimal exposure across group to major transformation projects including Offshoring / Outsourcing
✓ No in-house change management or communications framework
✓ Three vertical independent businesses within the group
✓ Prerequisite that GGH maintain control of the processes and procedures
✓ Offshore staff must be GGH employees, directed and reporting to GGH line managers
✓ Maintain or reduce attrition during project


What We Did to Help Guild

Adam designed & delivered an E2E offshoring solution to GGH in 10 months, offshoring 30 roles & delivering $900K of annualised net benefits.

Guild Group Holdings - Phases of E2E



The Implementation Approach Done

Guild Group Holdings - Implementation Approach

Benefits Delivered

Guild Group Holdings - Benefits Delivered

Additional Benefits Delivered

5 of the 9 KPIs “Exceeded” expectations – Communications, Recruitment, Change Management and Induction / Knowledge Transfer
4 KPIs “meeting” expectations, Financial = cost and benefits
✓ IT infrastructure = timeliness and security protocols
3 additional roles added to build new capabilities in Knowledge Management and QA, with more to come
GROW Coaching to onshore and offshore staff
Cultural awareness for Philippines and Australia staff to ensure better working relationships


The Guild Group “Offshoring” Solution

GGH offshore staff report to a GGH line manager, perform GGH processes and procedures and managed to GGH KPIs and feel part of GGH team

The Guild Group Offshoring Solution


The Guild Group Solution

Offshore Roles - GGH
● Administration / Data processing
● Claims
● Learning & Development
● QA
● Digital Marketing
● Project Administration
● Knowledge Management Administration
● Accounting, AP & AR
● HR
● IT Developers

Guild Group Holdings Offshoring Structure

Outsource Staff Offshore Offshoring Philippines Insurance Broking Accounting Finance IT Admin BPO services