Published March 25, 2019
In the typical offshoring/outsourcing setup, it starts off with staff recruitment, office and IT setup, payroll systems, then staff engagement activities are established. The outsourcing process usually ends there.

Offshoring should be a continuous cycle. It does not stop at finding the resources for you and setting up your offshore operations.

Bringing into focus and implementing a better, more comprehensive business model, Intogreat provides offshoring services and business improvement solutions for SMEs today. Not only have our team helped businesses expand and grow with us, Intogreat also continues to realise our clients’ projected year-round cost savings through efficient delivery of offshoring services.





Offshoring requires more than just recruiting resources and setting them up in a different office overseas. It’s about creating connections between your head office and offshore teams, establishing strong connections between people, process, admin and communications, so nothing falls between the gaps.

Creating connections and leaving no gaps – it’s what we do for our clients.

At Intogreat, we go beyond traditional approaches in order to deliver successful offshoring and business improvement solutions. From building the foundations, to getting the right people and delivering long-term improvement, our services can support clients at each point of their offshoring journey.

When it comes to process, we ensure efficient project management, process improvement, knowledge management and continuous quality assurance to successfully offshore the professional services we provide.

Intogreat’s People Management team focuses on the induction, training and upskilling, performance measurement, and staff engagement to ensure that our workers have the right cultural understanding and are up-to-date on any changes in management in the onshore and/or offshore team.

Risk and compliance, quarterly business reviews, and other essential admin processes are also integrated into our offshoring business model.




We have developed an entire framework to ensure success when you offshore some of your business practices.  Using our expertise in offshoring and our understanding of client perspectives, we help businesses achieve sustainable transformation within an agreed timeframe, ensuring complete staff engagement from start to completion of the project.

From preparing the business for offshoring, to placing and leading the offshore team, Intogreat continues to help SMEs deliver capability, savings, and efficiencies to their business.


Article by  Mav Garcia Sy  (Technical Writer)

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