What is offshoring vs outsourcing? Need remote staff hiring / recruitment services? Offshore to the Philippines today. We recruit and set up your offshore team for SMEs.

Published April 30, 2019


Offshoring, essentially, is obtaining services or products from another country or re-locating certain aspects of a business overseas.

A company would choose to offshore because of cost savings, taxes & tariffs, and to increase capability while maintaining full control of your business operations.

   Staff in the overseas office are your employees
   You control their work, KPIs, they report to your onshore line manager
   You select the people in your team
   Your staff working full-time and exclusively for you
   Our office, your way – it can be your own dedicated and fully-branded office

   Your policies and procedures will be applied to your offshore staff

   You pick the IT assets and tools you want to deploy


Outsourcing can be defined as contracting work out to a third party company not necessarily overseas.
Outsourcing companies are specialists with significant experience and expertise in specific fields.

OUTSOURCING focuses on

  • Driving Acquisition, Growth & Retention
  • Enhancing Customer Experience
  • Contact Centres
  • IT Helpdesks
  • Improving Efficiency and Quality

☑ Offshoring with Intogreat is different

Offshoring with Intogreat, on the other hand, does not only establish the necessary resources for setting up your offshore operations.

Intogreat also provides ROI assessment and analysis, consultancy and business improvement solutions to SMEs to ensure efficiency, year-round cost savings, and the continuous and holistic growth of our clients’ businesses.

Intogreat vs Outsourcing details

☑ Intogreat’s offshoring model

Intogreat Framework

This business model guarantees year-round success for offshoring your business operations in the Philippines.

This framework has been further developed into 3 key stages – business preparation services; people management services; and continuous improvement services.

Offshoring FAQs

Will my offshore resources work exclusively for me?

  • Yes. They will be 100% assigned to you.

Will the offshore staff be employed by me?

  • No. The employment contract will be between Intogreat and the offshore staff member.

Is the contract governed by Australian Law?

  • Yes. Intogreat is a registered Australian company based in Elsternwick, Victoria.

Is the employment contract full-time, casual or project-based?

  • Intogreat only hires offshore staff for full-time employment.

What is the minimum number of staff I can hire offshore?

  • Intogreat supports small to medium sized organisations, no matter the size of offshore staff you will need. We know SMEs start small and their growth will be accommodated.

Will my offshore staff be able to understand and speak English?

  • Yes. Intogreat only hires applicants with college degrees and highly skilled professionals. Robust processes are in place to test for cognitive ability, written, and verbal English proficiency. Further evaluation can be arranged if you require applicants with additional skillsets.

Will I be invoiced in Australian Dollars (AUD)?

  • Yes. You will be invoiced monthly in AUD.

Do I need to purchase equipment such as PCs, work desk, chair, etc. for my offshore staff member(s)?

  • No. Intogreat provides desktop PCs with dual monitors, headsets, web cameras, work desk, chairs, and other necessary office materials and IT setup. If you have specific IT requirements i.e. laptops or mobile phones, Intogreat can accommodate this.

Do I need to have processes 100% documented, re-engineered before I offshore?

  • No. Intogreat’s Business Improvement services will help your organisation with process mapping, procedure documentation, and process improvement. We strongly recommend that processes are documented in the transition of the offshore staff and approved by the onshore team, which will ensure quality training.

What data privacy and security protocols are in place?

  • Intogreat has established strict and necessary data security protocols within our IT setup (e.g. dedicated workstation for each staff, stringent account security configurations, no use of mobile phones and personal gadgets in workstations) to ensure the privacy and integrity of our clients’ data.

Offshoring with us will ensure year-round support when it comes to business preparations, people management, and business improvement solutions for your growing business. 

Enquire now to learn how we will ensure efficiencies in a matter of weeks and bring offshoring success to grow and transform your business.



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