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Offshoring to the Philippines with Intogreat

Published September 20, 2019

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Offshoring benefits business owners that are growing their businesses through greater margins, less risks and greater control,  while also benefiting businesses that are looking to become more productive and cost effective.
Offshoring involves more than just recruiting offshore staff and setting them up in a new office overseas.

Successful offshoring is a continuous process and entails creating strong connections between the head office (onshore team) and the offshore team, and constantly maintaining these connections.


1)       LOCATION – One of the key strategic benefits of offshoring with Intogreat is the company’s great location. Intogreat Solutions is strategically located in Metro Manila in the Eastwood business district. Metro Manila, being home to ten of the top 12 universities in the Philippines, is the best place to attract the best talent. Intogreat also has access to a highly diversified workforce due to its proximity to other central business districts in Metro Manila.

2)       FACILITIES – Intogreat’s offices operate in the same building as some of the top Australian multinational companies. At Intogreat, every staff member has their own desk, two monitors, an ergonomic chair, headset, and videoconferencing capabilities with high-speed internet. 24/7/365 IT and admin support are also provided by Intogreat to ensure seamless communications between the onshore clients and offshore teams.

3)       COST SAVINGS – With offshoring, annual operational cost savings start at approximately  70%. This can increase to as much as 200% for professional roles such as software and web developers, tax accountants, etc. Other significant cost savings include:  no payroll tax, no superannuation or work cover fees for employees. On top of that, there is no requirement for office space or desks, chairs, PCs, mobile phones, car allowance, etc.

4)       FILIPINO WORKFORCE – Staff in the Philippines work 9-hour days with one and a half hours of breaks – over the course of a week, the onshore business owners get an additional two and a half (2 ½) hours of productivity out of their Filipino staff. The offshore staff in the Philippines also have less annual and sick leaves compared to employing an Australian staff member.

5)       KPI-DRIVEN + HIGHER PRODUCTIVITY  – The team of offshoring and outsourcing experts at Intogreat work closely with onshore clients to ensure that newly onboarded staff have SMART KPIs in place. Once newly hired staff members are onboarded, Intogreat works with our clients to establish and implement 30, 60, and 90-day KPIs. This is to ensure that the offshore team members understand what it takes to be successful in their role.

A 90-day probationary period is in place for all offshore team members who join Intogreat. Post-probationary period, Intogreat’s People Management team then move the staff on to 6-monthly KPIs.  The offshore team leader(s) will then update the onshore team on a monthly basis regarding the offshore team’s performance, productivity, and any areas of concern.


Implementing and centred upon a more comprehensive business model, we at Intogreat provide offshoring, outsourcing, and business improvement solutions for SMEs (small to medium enterprises). Intogreat’s team of offshoring / outsourcing experts have helped our clients expand and grow with us.

We also ensure our clients’ projected year-round cost savings by bringing into focus our equation for successful offshoring:

Successful Offshoring Philippines Offshoring Example Outsourcing Philippines

Intogreat’s skilled and highly qualified team have developed a framework to ensure success when you offshore your business practices. We continuously establish strong connections between people, process, administration, and communications. We see to it that nothing falls between the gaps.

Creating connections and leaving no gaps.

It’s what we do for our SME customers.

Our expertise in offshoring / outsourcing and understanding our clients’ perspectives help achieve sustainable transformation within an agreed timeframe. This ensures complete staff engagement from start to completion of the project – from (1) building the foundations, (2) getting the right people, to (3) delivering long-term business improvement solutions.

Check out our “THE INTOGREAT DIFFERENCE” blog to read more on how offshoring with Intogreat is different from typical outsourcing.


 low start-up cost

 full control of business operations

 speed in setting up offshore team

 high process efficiency

 high flexibility

 focus on customer experience

big cost savings

high capability uplift

The highly skilled and experienced team at Intogreat work in partnership with SME clients to create and deliver optimum business solutions. We work closely with our clients to gauge their business needs and timely provide the best offshoring resources.

Check out our blog to read more on how Intogreat helps SME clients transition to offshoring and grow their business in a matter of weeks.



1. Communication issues may arise with offshoring.

Offshoring to the Philippines where English is a second language suggests that the offshore staff members have a limited grasp of the language. Different accents, slangs and unique phrases may cause communication issues between the onshore and offshore teams. For example, the Australian slangs “Thongs”, “Barbie”, “Stuffed” mean something entirely different to Filipinos whose English education is based on American English.

► Intogreat’s strategy to address these issues

At Intogreat, most of our offshore staff are university graduates. This means that they have proficient English literacy, cognitive and communication skills, and during screening have passed our strict set of capability tests, such as:

  • a series of interviews to assess if applicants possess excellent English communication skills
  • AMCAT (Aspiring Minds’ Computer Adaptive Test) – languages, aptitude, skill and personality assessments
  • cognitive test to assess mental aptitude after applicant passes initial interview
  • applicant undergoes one-on-one interview with client

2. Offshoring business operations may compromise data security.

Data security can be an issue when offshoring business processes to a new office overseas. Thus, organisations must establish and observe data security protocols. This is to guarantee the security and privacy of the clients’ intellectual property.

► Intogreat’s strategy

Intogreat’s approach in ensuring the security of operational data includes:

  • end-to-end project implementation & management
  • IT tools + Data Privacy security management by ISO-accredited IT provider
  • no mobile phones / gadgets policy in workstations
  • paperless daily operations + remote desktop access (e.g. Citrix, Practice Protect, Ready Secure, etc.)
  • implementation of website blocking policies
  • secured data endpoints guarded by antimalware solutions provider

Intogreat delivers business preparation services to clients to ensure that their offshore staff have access to all the necessary IT tools to perform daily tasks efficiently. Intogreat’s management team also guarantee our clients’ data privacy by implementing data security procedures (e.g. website blocking policies, a knowledge management platform, no mobile phones in workstations, etc.) and risk mitigation within offshore business operations.


3. Offshoring operations and resources does not always ensure full control, quality, and efficiency.

Offshoring companies offer the delivery of professional services for much lower costs. However, hiring an expert overseas at considerably lower rates does not always translate to quality outputs, high productivity, and efficiency.

A typical offshoring company’s criteria for gauging the expertise of job applicants may be lacking compared to the onshore clients’ standards.  This disparity in expectations may result in unmet KPIs and failure to fulfil the organisation’s projected business developments on a specific time frame.

The transition to offshoring / outsourcing may also result in coordination and integration issues between the onshore and offshore teams. Different communication styles and problem-solving approaches of the onshore and offshore teams may cause such issues.

► Intogreat’s strategy

The team at Intogreat will help you ensure and establish:

  • YOUR processes, procedures, tools and systems
  • SMART KPIs for your offshore staff members
  • dedicated team manager / subject matter expert(s) to ensure productivity and constant performance reporting
  • implementation of measures to increase productivity


4. Different time zones may affect productivity of onshore and/or offshore staff.

Time differences when it comes to offshoring daily business operations may hinder productivity and coordination between the onshore and the offshore teams. For instance, a head office in Australia observes work hours that are two to three (2 to 3) hours ahead the start time of the offshore team in the Philippines.

► Intogreat’s strategy

Intogreat have established great facilities in Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines. The majority of our staff work from 6AM-3PM (PST), matching Eastern Australian office hours Mondays to Fridays; however, working hours are determined by our clients.  Tools and technologies we use to communicate and collaborate with onshore clients include:

  • software for regular communication & video conferencing such as Skype, Skype for Business, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Teams
  • cloud storage platforms such as Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive, SharePoint
  • for your offshore staff, we can also set up tools such as specific software systems bespoke to your organisation


5. Cultural differences may cause issues.

Once the organisation transitions to offshoring, the changes in the business’ daily operations calls for a certain adjustment period. Aside from the necessary adjustment time, foreign business owners also need to consider cultural differences. Staff members of the new offshore team may have different perspectives and attitudes compared to onshore staff members. What Australian employers consider to be a straightforward and vocal approach   may be translated as offensive language to members of the team overseas. This can cause issues among the management, affecting communication ties and even potential business growth.

► Intogreat’s strategy

Intogreat’s strategic training process includes:

  • staff induction & training upon onboarding
  • Australian + Philippine cultural awareness trainings for AU & PH team
  • continual offshore staff coaching by offshore SMEs (subject matter experts)
  • establishment and implementation of training plans for offshore staff (learning & development)

The team at Intogreat will also ensure:

  • process-oriented and consistent monitoring of your offshore staff
  • consistent reporting to ensure you maintain full control of your daily offshore operations



When offshoring with Intogreat, our offshore team will ensure increased staff productivity, continuous process improvement, big cost savings and other business efficiencies through our offshoring framework that has 3 phases:


Our growing team of offshoring/outsourcing experts can set up your offshore staff in a matter of weeks. Intogreat only hires applicants with college degrees and highly skilled professionals. Robust processes are in place to test for cognitive ability, written, and verbal English proficiency. Further evaluation can be arranged if staff members with additional skill sets are desired.

The Foundations / Business Preparation phase includes:

  • Project/implementation management
  • Cultural awareness training
  • Training plan development
  • New ways of working / coaching
  • Identify inefficiencies
  • Develop training plans


The People Management phase includes:

  • Staff recruitment, cognitive and aptitude testing
  • Australian and offshore management
  • Performance management
  • Employee engagement
  • People leadership by SMEs (subject matter experts)
  • Tactical process improvement identification
  • Productivity and performance reporting


The Business Improvement phase includes:

  • Process improvement and mapping
  • Procedure development
  • Knowledge management solutions
  • Workflow and automation solutions
  • Business improvement and productivity consulting
  • Customer experience
  • Productivity enhancements


To learn more about our offerings, check out:

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3 – Our Business Improvement solutions


The professional services roles Intogreat currently offshores include:

  • Management Accountants
  • Corporate Accountants
  • Tax Accountants
  • Accounting Assistants
  • AP/AR Bookkeepers
  • Payroll Officers
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Admin Support Staff
  • Admin Officers
  • Data Processing Analysts
  • Mortgage Processing Staff
  • Insurance Broking Processing Staff
  • Claims Management Staff
  • Logistics Administrators
  • Loans Processors
  • Core Service Delivery Officers
  • Marketing Specialists
  • Digital Marketing Coordinators
  • Sales & Order Processing Staff
  • Business Analysts
  • Project Managers & Coordinators
  • Quantity Surveyors
  • Communication & Change Management
  • Project Implementation Officers
  • SEO Specialists
  • Multimedia Specialists
  • Graphic Design Specialists
  • Web Designers & Developers
  • .NET Developers & Software Engineers
  • IT Helpdesk Support Staff
  • Frameworks Engineers


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Article by M. Garcia Sy