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    Take full advantage of
    your offshoring opportunities


Our aim with Intogreat is to help grow your business. Everything we do is about helping you cut costs, streamline your business, and scale your enterprise.

That means we do things differently, so you have continuous, long-term success.

Some companies are happy to set everything up for you, but that’s it. They don’t help with much else. For a lot of business owners and CEOs, that means now they’ve got a whole set of new problems to deal with.

Without access to proper advice or industry knowledge, their offshoring model runs into problems. Sometimes things stagnate, or the work quality starts to dip, or they simply don’t know how they can expand their offshoring model.

Intogreat can partner with you so you get the most out of your offshoring efforts.

This is what many of our customers choose to do. It’s our third part to our 3-part system towards success.

If you decide to continue to work with us, we’ll be able to provide you with progress mapping, process improvement, and information on growth opportunities. Besides sorting out day-to-day tasks like admin, management, payroll and so on… with our Business Improvement service, we’ll also help grow your business.

Our team has got over 30 years of experience helping businesses grow with offshoring, so we are well aware of the potential opportunities that your business has when you work with us.

Process improvement mapping

We’ll use our expertise and the analytics available to see how you could be earning more money and spending less.

Continuous process adjustment

Our team will make sure that everything is running as effectively as possible, and search for ways that you can boost the returns of your offshoring investment.

Knowledge management training, licensing and implementation.

We’ll help you give your offshore team all the knowledge and training they need so they can further help grow your business.

Establishment of quality measures

We’ll help your offshore team get better results with the work they produce for you.

Customer improvement solutions.

We’ll work with you to ensure that your offshoring team are giving your customers the best experience possible.

Business improvement solutions.

Using our experience with offshoring, we will help you further integrate your offshore team, so working with them is even more seamless and easy.


Keen to learn more about how we’ll help you streamline your process?

Check out our other offshoring videos.



Offshoring vs. Outsourcing

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