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What makes the difference between companies who use offshoring successfully and those who struggle to make it work?

In our experience, you have to get it right in the beginning, or else things fall apart and it can become a nightmare. A lot of companies launch and find out too late that they weren’t ready. Often companies can end up in trouble because:

➤ The overseas team is under poor management.
➤ Communication systems weren’t properly set-up.
➤ There is a vulnerability in the company’s cybersecurity.
➤ There is an unexpected delay in the response-time of the overseas team.
➤ The work quality isn’t up to the promised standard.

And so on… The potential problems are almost endless. The trouble is, once things are “GO” then it can be very hard to correct these errors.

That’s why we put so much emphasis on building a stable foundation for you.
We use a proven business preparation system to ensure that everything gets done properly.
The main focus of our Foundational Business Preparation is to make the offshoring process as easy and safe for you as possible.
Everything we have in place is designed to minimize risk, increase efficiency, and ensure that everything gets started on the right foot.

End-to-end management of the transition to Offshoring

You won’t be left out in the cold at any point of the process. We assign you a dedicated project manager who’ll work with you to bring this project to completion and success.

Modern cybersecurity

We’ll set up a secure cybersecurity system offshore, so that your company will have its data protected. Your company’s information and your finances will be protected.

A complete ROI Assessment & Analysis

We undertake an ROI assessment on your business so that we understand your business in detail. We look into your systems, tools, processes and procedures to identify opportunities to increase efficiency, productivity, revenues, and improve customer experience.

Dealing with the “paperwork”

We take care of all the legal concerns, as well as the administrative and IT work. You don’t have to do any of the boring and tedious stuff, we do it all for you.

Staff recruitment and testing

We draw from a massive pool of potential candidates and present you with a shortlist. A skilled team that’s ready to work for you can be set-up in only a matter of weeks.

A skilled team leader that won’t cost you anything

We’ll provide you with an on-site manager for your team, who’ll be a skilled professional in your industry. This person will be paid by us, with no extra cost to you.

Help with setting up KPIs

We’ll help you establish, develop, and implement staff performance metrics/KPIs. You’ll know what to expect from your team and will be able to monitor their performance closely.

Assistance with the training programs

We’ll make sure that your offshore team is given excellent training so they can do a great job. We will provide NWOW training to ensure you optimize the performance, engagement, and productivity of your offshore team.

Cultural awareness trainings

We’ll give your Manila team a full rundown on Australian culture, and we will provide similar training for your Australian team on Filipino culture. This makes communication easier and ensures your Manila team operates well within your business.

Systems adjustment for a seamless integration

We’ll set you up with all the right infrastructure so that your offshore team can easily get to work and help make your company more money.


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  • Everything we offer with our Foundational Business Preparation ensures your long-term success.

    Want to offshore today and want it done right? A quick chat with us can really clear things up so you know you’re on the right track.