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    Why do many companies choose to
    offshore with Intogreat?




Without the correct cybersecurity set-up, you run the risk of being hacked and getting company information stolen.



We measure and manage staff performance, and ensure they produce top quality work. You concentrate on running your business; we’ll concentrate on getting your offshore staff to the expected level of performance.



Plenty of offshore companies will help you set up a team, but many of them will disappear. We offer a dedicated team leader to oversee your staff and sustain that link so you can concentrate on running your business.


    We provide an end-to-end service, so you never have to deal with any of these problems.

    If you want to find out more about what makes us different, have a look at our 3-part system below.



    The Intogreat Difference ➤ Our 3-part System


Here’s an industry secret for you:

The key to success with offshoring is getting the foundations right. All else follows from that.

This is why Business Preparation is such a big part of what we offer with Intogreat.

Here’s some of what we do:

✓ Cybersecurity Set-up.
We provide you with a powerful cybersecurity system, so that your company is protected from cyber attacks and intellectual theft.

✓ ROI Assessment & Analysis.
We look into your systems, tools, processes and procedures to figure out where the biggest opportunities are for offshoring success.

✓ Training plans and KPIs.
We help you put together the necessary training plans as well as helping you set realistic KPIs for your new staff.

✓ Streamlined recruitment.
We draw from our massive pool of qualified workers and shortlist the best candidates for you to choose from. We also ensure additional testing (aptitude testing and specific testing based on the role) – so you’ll get that added layer of screening and the best talent.

✓ Cultural awareness training.
We train all of our clients on Filipino culture. And every Filipino that comes on board will learn Australian culture. This helps create a team quicker and build strong bonds.



Getting the right people for your company is essential if you want your offshoring efforts to be a success.

We make sure you get connected with hardworking and well-trained professionals who are ready to help your business grow.

Here’s what you can expect:

✓ Productivity & Performance Management.
We help you manage your KPIs and ensure that your offshore staff are meeting their expectations. In summary, we’ll manage productivity, performance and quality.

✓ First-class office space.
Your offshore staff will work in a modern office at the heart of Manila’s CBD. They’ll be given everything they need and will be in a productive working environment.

✓ Highly skilled staff.
The people in your offshore team will be just as skilled or even more skilled than the people you could hire in Australia.

✓ Extra training, events, and holidays.
Your offshore staff will be given extra training, out-of-work events, holidays, and time off for celebrations. The great work environment we create will ensure a low attrition rate for your business.

✓ Skilled on-site managers.
We provide you with a manager for your offshore team, who is paid completely by us – they don’t cost you a cent.



Many of our clients have found that by continuing to work with us closely, they are able to take advantage of more lucrative opportunities that they otherwise would have missed.

We manage the administrative side of your offshore team, but we can also help grow your business.

The key is to ensure your offshoring success at the start, so we can understand and streamline your processes, procedures and documentation before we offshore.

We offer:

✓ Continuous adjustment & refinement.
We make sure that your offshoring efforts don’t become stagnant, and that your team is continuously improving how they do things.

✓ Advice on expanding your enterprise.
Because our team has over 30 years of experience with offshoring, we have a lot of knowledge on what business owners and CEOs can do to further grow their business with an offshoring model.

✓ Process mapping + procedure documentation.
We help you systemise your offshoring efforts, so you get maximum results for years to come.

✓ Either get it done right or don’t bother.
Offshoring is something you want to get right the first time, or else it can be very costly to fix.


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    We work in partnership with our clients to create optimal solutions.
    We get to know you so we can find out what you need.

    Building Relationships



      You’re the expert in your business so we care about what you have to say.

    • HANDS-ON


      We provide onshore and offshore leadership and relationship support. We make it simple.

    Using Process



      Consistent governance and reporting ensure you are kept informed.



      Our set phases and activities provide a base to work from so we can seamlessly deliver offshore services to your business.

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    If you’ve got questions about offshoring or want to work with us, book a free consultation now with one of our advisers. It won’t take much of your time.